Since its bullying began with the trilogy m’Palermu, Cranezzeria Vita Mia, the eternal enemy hovers in the performances of Emma Dante. Even in this Euripides Eracle staged by the visionary Palermo director in the Greek Theater of Syracuse with the clear translation of Giorgio Ieranò, death is widely manifest, thanks to the skené designed by Carmine Maringola, turned into a small cemetery with a series of marble tombs with wooden crosses that look like small wind turbines, on the sides of a central purifying tank full of water, closed the space frontally by a nivea wall twenty meters wide and seven meters high, decorated with 256 portraits and photos of deceased duly framed . If 25 centuries ago in the time of the tragic Greeks (but also in the following centuries up to Shakespeare) the female roles were dressed as male actors, today Emma Dante turns the sexes off, making male roles interpreted by female actresses alone. The beginning of the drama is between the festive and the feral with those bald drumming players wrapped in black tunics (the elaborate costumes are by Vanessa Sannino) with all the protagonists of the drama in a procession and three dancers in fuchsia and black that close the line dancing to the rhythm of those percussion. La Dante paints the story with dull colors when at the beginning appears the old Anfitrione (putative father of Heracles, because born from the relationship of his wife Alcmena with Zeus who had assumed its appearance) reduced in a wheelchair and crutches and gives life a formidable Serena Barone with a croaking and sibilant voice similar to that of Enzo Vetrano with the accents of the Perreira school in Palermo. Clarifies Amphitryon in his Argo now lives as a beggar because the tyrant Lico has killed and taken the place of King Creon, his consuocero and father of Megara (superb proof of Naike Anna Silipo with seven-pointed crown of lance and dark dress of voille transparent) bride of Heracles from whom she had three children and now she fears that the folly of Lico, bald and powerful that of Patricia Zanco, can fall on his loved ones who repeatedly invoke the return of Heracles to defend them, facing the demigod in the meantime with his last effort in Hades to kill the terrifying three-headed dog Cerberus.